The Holiday Mod

    Sit warm and enjoy FNF The Holiday Mod for Friday Night Funkin'! Discover the new adventures of your favorite singer during the holiday season. The night before Christmas: a wonderful time of year when children wait to find their presents under the tree. But sometimes it's not the expected gifts that we receive. Let's see if Boyfriend and his gang can come up with a solution? Probably in song! For the first rap battle, Boyfriend and Girlfriend will celebrate together the start of the Christmas holidays. On a snowy evening, at the foot of the tree and next to a giant gift, our two lovers will sing "Holiday", a joyful song on which they will confront each other with tenderness. But this moment of complicity will not last long because Daddy Dearest will come to join in the party and will propose to his daughter to sing in duet against Boyfriend. You will face Daddy Dearest and Girflriend on "Deck", a melodious three voices song. After this little musical insert the whole family decides to go on vacation, at the end of a long trip they stop to rest in a house. They will meet there Skid & Pump who are waiting for Santa Claus. The opportunity to wait in music, obviously singing the Santa Claus song with the Friday Night Funkin' style! But on television a breaking news caught Boyfriend's attention, the Billionaire Club has been robbed by criminals he knows well, Pico and Sunday. The opportunity was too good to sing again before the end of the night. Boyfriend rushes to the spot to challenge Pico and Sunday on the song "Plum" for a last final epic rap battle.

    The Holiday Mod Part II: This update adds 5 new songs illustrated by cutscenes telling a further story. The first rap battle will be against Senpai! Then after an urgent phone call, you will have to go and help Tankman to fight Arials who are trying to sabotage Christmas. The third musical duel will be the occasion to sing a remix of "All I Want for Christmas Is You" against Mommy Mearest and Girlfriend. But this beautiful family moment will be suddenly interrupted by the appearance of Santa's sleigh ... but Tom (Eddsworld) stole it and he is determined to spoil the party! Sing to distract him as Pico tries to aim with his weapon. In the freeplay menu you can find a last song on which the future of Christmas will be played! Indeed Zanta Claws will face nothing less than Matt, Tom and Ed at the same time with a new game mechanic which will require some adaptation.

    Note: Week 2 is fully playable but is still under development, some features are still missing.