Pico Night Punkin'

    Tired of missing notes on Friday Night Funkin' because of your computer? Try Pico Night Punkin', the solution to play the cult game on ALL computers, with the highest quality graphics and sounds possible, in 8-bit! But it will not work on tablet or mobile of course (in case some still want to try). With Pico Night Punkin' no excuse if you lack rhythm or misses notes, it's only your skill that needs to improve because the game doesn't lag! The gameplay is precise, you will be able to play all the original FNF songs and try to make the highest score on each one.
    Pico Night Punkin' is a low resolution demake of Friday Night Funkin' made in PICO-8 for Pico Day 2021. The authors CarsonKompon and blstrManx have tried to respect the original version of the game as much as possible with the technical limits imposed by PICO-8.