Funkin In Seoul

    Although there are several mods with Friday Night Funkin' and the famous characters from Squid Game, we consider that the mod created by is truly unique and special, managing to combine the action from the movie Squid Game with the artistic skills from FNF.

    How can you win in Funkin In Seoul game?
    In order to win in this game, you will have to be a good dancer, because the game has a high level of difficulty, and the action of the game is built in such a way as to force you to dance without mistakes if you want to win. As you can see, after the music starts, you will be able to dance with BF, but you will have to accumulate as many points as possible, because after a few tens of seconds the doll, The Doll, will return, at which point you will not be allowed to dance. If you dance while the doll is turned towards you, you will die and you will have to start the game again.
    The aim of the game is to improve yourself as much as possible and to get a good a score as possible before the doll returns and in this way you can afford to lose points while the doll is turned because in those moments you are not allowed to make any moves, you only lose "controlled" points.

    Use the arrows to dance.