Friday Night Shootin'

    Today is yet another day that will be filled with some of the best new Friday Night Funkin Games online on the internet, so it is with great delight that right at this moment we get to share with you the game called Friday Night Shootin', which brings about even more characters from Pico's School that you like, and two of them are now going to duel, so let's get started!
    Meet Nene, Pico's newest rival and contender!
    Nene is one of the three main characters in this series, together with Pico and Darnell, and she is an Asian girl wearing purple from head-to-toe, with boots, a long dress, as well as a bandana, and she is quite the nasty girl, as she loves seeing pain inflicted on other people, so winning against Pico and hurting him would be her dream. Don't let it come true!
    How to play Friday Night Shootin online:

    Well, what you have to do is get the rhythm of the custom songs better than the opponent, so when you see the arrows over Pico match with one another, at that exact same time you have to press the same arrow on your keyboard. Missing the notes too many times in a row causes you to lose the game, so do not let it happen! Good luck to you all we want to wish you!

    Use the arrow keys.