Friday Night Funkin VS. KAPI

    The FNF Games category of our website will keep surprising you today as well, when we are delighted to have shared with you right at this moment the new mod called Friday Night Funkin VS. KAPI, which features a new character for you to face off against called Kapi, who is an animal, making things even more interesting than usual.
    Meet Kapi from FNF
    As for how Kapi looks, he is a male cat that has grey fur, wears a yellow, red, and purple hoodie, has grey pants, as well as grey and blue shoes, and his two main songs are called Wocky, and Beathoven. At the start of the mod, he and Boyfriend have a dialogue that seems to imply the two of them have known each other in the past and might have even been friends, previously. His stage is an arcade, where he spends most of his time playing games.
    Learn how to play the FNF Kapi mod
    Once again, make sure that you defeat Kapi in the music battles, and you can do it through the story mode or in the free play mode, itís up to you. Either way, use the arrow keys and press them at the correct times to play the notes correctly, and if you are on time, you will make the bar turn green, and when it is fully green you win, but if it gets red because you made too many mistakes, your opponent might win. Good luck, and defeat Kapi!

    Use the arrows.