Friday Night Funkin vs Impostor Among Us

    Sometimes, an imposter from Among Us is not defeated with weapons or brute force, but you take him on using music if you are here to play one of the newest mods added into the FNF Games category, where right now you will help Boyfriend defeat a nasty imposter from Among Us using your incredible sense of rhythm.
    How to defeat the Among Us imposter in the rhythm battle
    First of all, choose if you play in the story mode, where you can see how Boyfriend and the Imposter ended up fighting, and there are dialogues and cutscenes in between the battles, or you can play the Free Play mode and just take part in the fights. For both formats, you can choose a level of difficulty.
    You will play through three custom songs against the imposter, and your goal is to hit all the notes properly so that you turn the progress bar fully green, without making too many mistakes, because then your opponent wins when the bar turns fully red. Press the arrow keys right when their symbols are matching to hit all the notes!
    Now that you know how simple it is, take out the red Imposter from Among Us, and try out their category too when you're done with this game if it's the first time you hear about it!

    Use the arrows.