Friday Night Funkin vs Flippy

    It really was only a matter of time before we had a crossover between the FNF Games series and the Happy Tree Friends Games series since they both have cult-following, and dedicated fans of both have now put the two universes together, all in the awesome new game called Friday Night Funkin vs Flippy.
    Flippy is a green bear who wears military gear, and whose alternate ego is quite dangerous, crazy, and mad, just like all the characters in Happy Tree Friends are when unleashed. He now has to battle Boyfriend, so help our protagonist win, as you challenge him on the following songs:
    Flippy Roll
    Happy Tree Land
    Flippin Out
    Unflipped Out
    Boyfriend Vs Flippy, who will win?
    You can choose to battle this character in either the story mode or the free play mode, and in both cases, you have to give it your best to reach the end of the songs with the progress bar in your favor to win.
    Use the arrow keys to do so, pressing them at the same time as arrow symbols above BF match one another, and make sure not to do it too fast or too late, or you lose the game. Enjoy!

    Use the arrow keys.