Friday Night Funkin Sunday

    Sunday is a brand new mod character that you are going up against in our series of FNF Games online, where we are delighted that right at this moment we could share with you all a new game such as this one since she is not bringing just herself into the fold, but she also has music, so there is lots of fun that you could be having!
    Meet Sunday from FNF and learn how to defeat her!
    Sunday replaces Daddy Dearest in this mod, and she is a girl wearing casual clothes and her iconic checkered shirt, with her always having the demeanor that she is almost always sleeping, and she nods her head all the time. Her song is called Valentine, but we expect that other songs will feature in her mod very soon!
    In this game, you have to use the arrow keys to hit all the notes of the songs at the right time, so when you see the arrows match above BF's head, press the same one on your keyboard. Make sure not to press them too late, too soon, or press the wrong keys, since too many wrong notes and you lose the game. Good luck!

    Use the mouse.