FNF Wednesday's Infidelity

    Sing up against Mickey Mouse in FNF Wednesday's Infidelity, a mod for Friday Night Funkin' with an old-fashioned cartoon style in black and white. On a beautiful sunny wednesday morning Mickey discovered Minnie falling under the charm of a handsome stranger. Devastated by grief and sadness Mickey tried to ease his mind with a strange product. Walking alone and scared, only waiting to sink into despair, Mickey had a strange encounter, which might save him! What could be better than a rap battle against Boyfriend to clear your mind? The first song "Wistfulness" will allow you to get to know your opponent on a music inspired by the first Walt Disney cartoons. But the rest of the battle will prove to be more difficult and will plunge you into a darker atmosphere. You will need to keep a cool head and not be terrified to successfully defeat Mickey in the second song "Dejection". "Unknown Suffering" will be the epilogue of this epic duel, Boyfriend will have to show all his talent not to give up on the frenzied rhythms of this song.
    In the Freeplay menu you can access to the hidden song "Battered" in which you will face Accelerant Mickey Mouse!