FNF Vs. Spinel

    In the mod FNF Vs. Spinel for Friday Night Funkin' you will have to face Spinel, the main antagonist of Steven Universe: The movie, in a rap battle with universal stakes! The sun is shining again on Beach City, the war is over and Steven and the Diamonds have taken a much needed vacation. Before leaving Steven nevertheless asked Boyfriend and Girlfriend as a precaution to watch over the city during their absence. A seemingly quiet job for our couple who are calmly enjoying the sun lying in the grass. But it was without counting on Spinnel who landed like a fury on the planet in search of Steven. Boyfriend will then have to manage the situation and offer Spinnel a deal. If she manages to win the rap battle then Boyfriend will tell her where Steven is. Sing along without losing the beat and try to beat Spinnel through three songs: Other Friends, Injector Carousel and Unchangeable. Your opponent will be formidable and will show all of her power after the first song when she transform. If you win the duel, there may be a bonus to discover!