FNF Vs. Peppa Pig: Muddy Puddles Funkin

    In the mod FNF Vs. Peppa Pig for Friday Night Funkin' you can accompany Boyfriend and Girlfriend to discover Muddy Puddles, a fantasy world populated by happy animals always ready to party with song. The first week offers three rap battles in which you will face Peppa Pig on the songs "Play Time", "Bingbonged" and "Muddy Puddles". This will be an opportunity for Boyfriend to get to know all the inhabitants of this strange world through music. But during the second week, an event will change Peppa Pig and plunge him into confusion and utter disarray. Indeed, he no longer really feels like himself after tasting Bacon! He loved it so much that he became addicted to it, he even hides to eat it. What terrible news for his family! Will Boyfriend and Girlfriend be able to bring Peppa Pig to her senses? For that it will be necessary to defeat him during the last rap battle on the song "Bacon" of course! The origin of this story is told in a Youtube video called Peppa and the Bacon (not recommended for younger people). To prolong the fun, in the Freeplay menu you will have access to four new bonus songs, "Eppa", I'm Mr Potato", "Tankpig" and "Double Oink".