FNF Vs. Matt

    In the mod FNF Vs. Matt (wiik 3 fanmade included) for Friday Night Funkin' you will be pushed to your limits and only your talent and flawless skill will allow you to beat Matt for the full three weeks including 10 new songs, plus a hidden one. Matt is a famous character from Nintendo's Wii Sports video game series, he plays tennis and baseball, but above all he is a boxing champion! He will be a formidable opponent and your duel will unfold, if you keep up with the rhythm, over several weeks. In week 1 you will have to sing on Light-It-Up, Ruckus and Target-Practice, week two features two songs, Sporting and the dreaded Boxing-Match. Week 3 is a fanmade and features 4 songs: Fisticuffs, Wind-Up, Deathmatch and King-It.