FNF Vs. GhostTwins

    Sing against two weird but terribly endearing characters in FNF Vs. Ghost Twins, a mod for Friday Night Funkin'. While strolling through an old theater you meet two ghosts, Tanner and his big sister Marie, who were opera singers in this place until they died due to a tragic event. For years their souls have been imprisoned in this old theater, waiting for someone to come and deliver them! During a grandiose rap battle, BoyFriend and Girlfriend will be able to discover the mysterious story of Tanner and Marie but also have to deal with their strong character during a somewhat incredible adventure. Our protagonists will meet on Hat Tip a rather calm first song, ideal for warming up the vocal cords. Then you will have the opportunity to learn a little more about Tanner and Marie thanks to the cutscenes and the second song Spectral Song. The third track, Scuffle Song, will allow you to discover the true nature of our two ghosts. If you manage to keep the pace and win this duel you can then discover the outcome of the story through the last song Illustrious.