FNF Vs. Cyber Sensation

    FNF Vs. Cyber Sensation for Friday Night Funkin' will make you discover in music the secrets of the computer code created by Tae Yai. By testing the code of his game Tae Yai discovers that it allows characters to interact with his world. Shortly after Boyfriend appears in front of her thanks to a portal created from the code. After insisting for a long time and then throwing the microphone in his hands, Tae Yai will finally agree to have a little fun and offer Boyfriend three rap battles. Sing along to the songs "Open System", "Wear A Mask" and "Last Hope" and learn about the mode's story through fully voiced cutscenes. Tae Yai is a Thai programmer known for making covers and remixes of Friday Night Funkin', and now for the "Cyber Sensation" mod.