FNF Undertale

    In the mod FNF Undertale for Friday Night Funkin', BoyFriend will have to face in a rap battle three emblematic characters from the game of Toby Fox. The adventure will begin with an introduction that will allow you to understand the new game mechanics of this mod. In addition to the notes to compose with the right timing you will also control with the space key a blue heart symbolizing your soul. Move the heart at the right time to avoid the rays that will appear on your music sheet, they will be indicated by a danger icon beforehand. You will also have to make the heart jump to get it out of the note bar when it flashes red.
    After this little tutorial, Boyfriend will have to explore the Underground on a map serving as a menu to choose the songs. The first duel will be against Asriel and will be played on the music Hopes and Dreams. The fast rhythms and the Heart to control at the same time will make it an already difficult first challenge. For the rest of his adventure in the world of Undertale Boyfriend will have to face his deepest fears against Omega Flowey. The song Your Best Nightmare will be a real challenge for our seasoned singer! If you manage to survive then one final ordeal awaits you, against Sans himself (the iconic Undertale boss). This ultimate challenge will take place over two epic and already legendary songs, Megalovania and Reality Check. Your speed, your concentration and your precision will have to be at their maximum to defeat Sans and his rain of bones which will cloud your screen!