FNF Monika Test

    Monika (DDLC) is the antagonist in the famous horror game Doki Doki Literature Club, and this time he is our main character from Friday Night Funkin' vs Monika game in which you will have the opportunity to test this character in 5 different poses with his partner Senpai.
    To compose a melodic line you will need to use the arrows on the keyboard or touch the arrows on the display if you are testing this game using a mobile phone or tablet. You will notice that you can compose songs by pressing the test arrows in a certain order. An important thing about this game is that you have the opportunity to change the position in which Monika is by pressing the button on the left side of the game (the button that symbolizes the character's head). Every time you press this button Monika will change her personality, and the sounds will be different.
    Test the character Monika from FNF in different poses
    The first situation you have in the game is the classic one, in which you will find only Monika holding a microphone.
    In the second situation, we will find two characters, more precisely we will find Senpai from FNF, the main male character from the game that you can also test.
    The third hypostasis will be composed again by this couple, but this time the arrows will control Senpai.
    The 4th situation is only with Monika sitting at a table, with her hands under her chin.
    The last situation is done again with Monika at the table, but everything has a strong glitch effect (glitched Monika mod).
    A little bonus of the game is made from the secret keys: A, S, D. To activate these effects you will have to press these keys one by one.
    Songs: High School Conflict, Bara No Yume, Dream of Roses si Your Demise;

    Use the arrows to test this character.
    Special Keys: A,S,D;