FNF Artistic Altitude

    In the mod FNF Artistic Altitude for Friday Night Funkin' you will be able to follow the story of Tossler and Indy, a couple of lovers who have just broken up and who are trying to reconcile. The mod is made up of two full weeks in which the story will develop based on the points of view of the two protagonists. After breaking up with Indy and realizing she was cheating on him all along, Tossler finds himself alone in the street with his guitar. When he starts a few notes for passers-by he meets Sunday. The young girl convinced him to use his talents as a guitarist to challenge the biggest celebrity of the moment, Boyfriend! This is how the first week begins in music, you play as Boyfriend and will have to face Tossler and his electric guitar rhythms during three songs: Fun N Games, Real Deal and Fix The Broken.
    During the second week you will play the role of Indy who has decided to participate in a rap battle tournament. Indy has many remorse towards Tossler, she is ready to do anything to attract his attention again and perhaps be forgiven! Accompany her to music in the ring and face three formidable opponents on the songs Yours Truly, Feast For The Eye and Game Time. Sing in rhythm and with precision to win your duels and discover the end of the story. Bonuses also await you in the Freeplay menu with other unreleased songs to discover.