Friday Night Funkin AGOTI Test is a new FNF test game where you can see all the animation from your favorite character. By changing his appearance from normal to angry you can imitate him and reproduce various songs and moves.

    Find the secret AGOTI animations

    We know how much you like easter eggs in our games, that's why we introduced one here too. In the official FNF VS AGOTI game, "A guy from the internet" is making a special move when he moves from normal to angry. You can make it too by pressing a secret keys.

    The secret combination is: pressing all the arrows at the same time!

    Credits for the original Friday Night Funkin vs Agoti mod:

    You can use your arrows or press the FNF arrows to play an AGOTI animation.

    To see the special move you have to press all the arrows at the same time!

    Pres the A.G.O.T.I head from the left to change